Floor heating warm floor™


Floor heating is suitable as the only and main heat source for houses, apartments, poly-functional complexes, hotels, etc. The system is regulated by intelligent thermostats that guard the wallet of its owner, and they provide the heat right at that time when you need it. A weekly programme arranges the comfortable and cost-saving temperature according to your wishes.

Benefits of your floor heating:

Extended 22 year warranty for the heating cables Line™T20 and Line™T10.

  • Pleasant feeling of warmth from the floor that provides comfortable and cosy living.
  • Cost-saving heating is controlled by precise regulation, thus saving energy.
  • Maintenance-free system, therefore you will safe money on bills for servicing.
  • Suitable for any design because it is invisible.
  • Simple and easy thermostat setting in every room.
  • Safe, reliable and well-tested system.
  • Comprehensive system that you can get from one company.

Resistance heating cable Line™T20 (20W/m) and cable Line™T10 (10W/m) for passive houses

This flexible double-core heating cable is suitable for any flooring in a flat, family house or apartment. This type of application is the most common one in Europe.

Floor composition for wet process:

  1. Flooring: wood, tiles, carpet, etc.
  2. Concrete or anhydrite - cast floor min. 4 cm thick
  3. Intelligent or resistance heating cables. We install 80-100 W/m².
  4. Floor temperature sensor from thermostat
  5. Attention! Suitable aluminium foil
  6. Suitable insulation of 5-10 cm and more
  7. Separation layer along the walls
  8. Base subfloor layer
  9. There are various floor compositions, therefore consult your case with our specialist.

Basic technical data:

  • We use quality resistance cables Line™T20 with the output of 20 W per metre and Line™T10 with the output of 10 W per metre.
  • Heating is suitable for all floor types and surfaces: for wood, laminate, ceramic, carpet, etc.
  • Suitable flooring has this international mark

Choose from our quality thermostats:

New product!
Ultra-thin underfloor heating with the aluminium heating mat AL Net™T80 for dry process

Documents to download:

Ultra-thin underfloor heating with the aluminium heating mat AL Net™T80 for dry process

An ideal and practical solution for reconstructions as well as floors in wooden buildings

Benefits of the aluminium heating mat AL Net™T80:

  • Extremely light, and therefore suitable also for floors in wooden buildings.
  • Dry and quick installation under laminate and wooden flooring.
  • Ideal for reconstructions - minimum thickness, only 2 mm, or 12 mm including insulation.
  • Homogeneous heating - aluminium foil distributes heat from the heating cable across the whole area.
  • Installation takes only a few minutes - it is enough to lay the AL mat and connect your thermostat.
  • It starts heating immediately after installation and laying the flooring.
New product!
Insulation board AL IzoLine20™ with aluminium surface and groove for heating cable

Documents to download:

Insulation board AL IzoLine20™ with aluminium surface and groove for heating cable

Suitable for dry installation of floor heating as well as reconstructions. It is a unique help for floor heating. 

Benefits of the insulation board AL IzoLine20™

  • Easy and quick installation under laminate as well as wooden flooring, and tiles too.
  • Extremely light, and thus suitable for floors in wooden buildings.
  • Only 2 cm thick including the insulation, therefore it is also ideal for reconstructions.
  • Applicable for dry and wet installations.