Protection of pipes teplá podlaha™


Our intelligent systems for protecting pipes against frost, and their temperature maintaining, are designed for homes as well as industrial facilities. We have got an optimal solution for all cases, even including explosive environments.

Advantages of pipe protection by self-regulating (intelligent) heating cable:

  • Water will run in the pipes even at temperatures below 0 °C.
  • The pipes are protected against damage, thus preventing repair costs or costly outages in production.
  • Reliability is tested by many years of experience.
  • Intelligent cable is self-regulating, therefore its operation is cost-effective.
  • Easy and quick installation provides for cable shortening exactly according to your need. 
  • It can be installed in as well as on the pipe.

Simple design:

You will easily find everything needed in the table of heat losses in the pipes. According to the pipe diameter, insulation thickness and maximum permissible ambient temperature below 0 °C, you can read the heat loss of the pipes in W/m. Based on the heat loss, you can select a suitable cable with necessary output in W/m.

An ideal thermostat designed for pipeline protection: