Protection of gutters teplá podlaha™

The system enables smooth draining of water as well as melting snow and ice. At the same time it prevents formation of dangerous icicles and overhangs. It optimally protects facades, gutters and drain pipes against damage caused by ice build-up.

Benefits of the system for protection of gutters:

  • Reliable protection of eaves, gutters, and facades against damage.
  • The system prevents formation of icicles. Gutters are safe.
  • It protects buildings and people.
  • It maintains free passing of melting snow and ice.
  • Special thermostats automatically control cost-saving operation.
  • The system requires no maintenance and service fees.

Why is intelligent cable so cost-effective?

  1. Intelligent cable has high output in snow or water.
  2. In contact with moisture, it immediately increases its output.
  3. If the cable is dry or the sun starts shining, it immediately decreases its output and thus energy consumption, too.
  • This self-regulating feature decreases consumption by at least 40 %, compared to classical resistance technology.
  • In terms of investments, it is affordable - compared to classical resistance technology, because the investments come back in about 4 years, and then it only saves the costs.


The programmable unit evaluates by itself when it should protect the system in order to minimise the energy consumption. It is done by cooperation of the moisture sensor in the gutter and the ambient temperature sensor on the facade. Based on assessment of your intention, we will be happy to select the right thermostat for you.

Select one of our smart thermostats designed for outdoor applications: