Protection of driveways warm floor™


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The system is fully automatic that guards outdoor surfaces 24 hours a day. Even with the first snowflake falling, it recognises the danger and starts protecting the surfaces.

  Benefits of the system for protection of driveways:

  • Extended 10 year warranty for the heating cables Line™T30.
  • We prevent injuries and collisions. Driveways, pavements and stairs are without black ice and snow. 
  • Low operating costs provided by precise thermostat.
  • It protects only when it is needed.
  • It works without manual work.
  • A comprehensive system from one company.

Basic technical data:

  • Each surface that should be protected is original. Therefore, the heating cable or heating mat is selected exactly according to the design. 
  • Based on the survey, install 300 W/m².
  • Measure the surface to be protected and select a suitable cable length from the prospectus . You can put together a larger area as a Lego puzzle from several cables.
  • Another option is to use intelligent, self-regulating heating cables.
  • To fix the heating cables in place, mounting strips are used for quick installation.

Automatic regulation for protection of surfaces

  • Automatic operation is provided by a comfortable, programmable unit with temperature and moisture sensors. The system only comes on when the temperature of the protected surface reaches critical freezing level and moisture is detected.
  • Otherwise, nature melts the snow and ice by itself, for free.
  • For the whole system design and calculation of annual consumption, please, contact your nearest specialist of the company warm floor.

Select one of our smart thermostats designed for outdoor applications: